MycoRed International Conference Europe 2013 - Global Mycotoxin Reduction Strategies
ISM-MycoRed International Conference
Europe 2013
Global Mycotoxin Reduction Strategies
Organised by CNR ISPA jointly with ISM
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<?=MycoRed International Conference Europe 2013?>
<?=MycoRed International Conference Europe 2013?>
<?=MycoRed International Conference Europe 2013?>
<?=MycoRed International Conference Europe 2013?>
<?=MycoRed International Conference Europe 2013?>
<?=MycoRed International Conference Europe 2013?>


Sponsorships are encouraged in order to support the attendance of scientists especially from developing countries, and to assure to the conference the level required and expected.

Please contact Dr. Antonio Logrieco or Angelo Visconti , the Conference organizers,  in case you are interested in being a sponsor.

                        Silver sponsors

OLMIX group offers natural solutions « for a better life » made with trace elements, clay and algae red, green and brown) and proposes a new vision of the additive based on a revolutionary technology with strong prospects for economic development that respects the environment.

For more than 20 years, VICAM has been the global provider of choice for next-generation food safety technology and rapid mycotoxin test solutions.The goal of securing the world’s food supply requires knowledge, cooperation, and collaboration. To advance that objective, VICAM works closely with government regulatory agencies, international standards bodies, major food industry laboratories, and leading research institutions around the world.

The ToxiMet system measures mycotoxins in nuts at the regulatory level to sub parts per billion accuracy. The results are shown in minutes and testing can take place outside laboratory conditions.
Designed to be used by non-scientists the ToxiMet system eradicates the need for batching up tests and allows a flexibility and cost efficiency.

From discovering to manufacturing, Thermo Scientific technologies put science on fast forward and help customers produce better, faster results.

AB SCIEX helps to improve the world we live in by enabling scientists and laboratory analysts to push the limits in their field and address the complex analytical challenges they face.

Ushio Inc . was established in 1964 and has been manufacturing and selling optical/imaging equipments incorporating a wide variety of light sources such as lamps and lasers.It possesses many high share products in the field of electronics and projectors and in recent years, it is expanding businesses in the field of food safety and life science including medicine by developing products such as a microanalytical kit that combines light-source technology with biotechnology.

EUROCLONE is a reliable reference point for the entire biomedical world, providing innovative products, servicesand solutions.
UNISENSOR supplies Innovative and Advanced Products for the Rapid and Multiple Analysis of Food.

                     Other sponsors

Neogen Corporation is a leader in developing and marketing test kits that provide food safety solutions. Neogen products are unsurpassed in terms of ease of use, convenience and speed. Neogen formats make testing simple. The tests are specifically designed to minimize user time and maximize convenience.

F.I.S. was founded in the late 1980s as the result of the vision, drive and business acumen of a group of scientists. The main objectives of business are the preservation of feed quality using organic acids and the enhancement of the digestive processes through diet acidification.

Agilent offers the broadest range of innovative measurement solutions in the industry.
SRA Instruments
  operates in the field of research, development and customization of new analytical solutions dedicated to environmental, food, petrochemical and energy areas.

Or Sell for over 25 years maintains its own professional identity, which has never renounced its establishment:
- Finding innovative products for Animal Feed (Mycotoxin Binders) and for the Laboratory (Diagnostic Test Kit for Food and Feed Quality Control)
- In-depth evaluation of the potential of new products to bring to market
- Promotion through 360 ° by conferences, exhibitions and collaborations with magazines and continue technical assistance to the customer

Safefood is a leading italian company operating in the field of innovative systems for food quality control. SAFE FOOD experience and research developed analytical systems, assuring rapid and reliable results in the mycotoxin and inhibitors detection.